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Rose City Canopy

Steve and Eileen Goodwin started Rose City Canopy Company in 1985. After working for a company that installed canopies, Steve followed an opportunity that would open the doors to many successes.

Since that time, Steve and Eileen have continued to add companies to Rose City Inc. When you hire Rose City Inc. to take care of your canopy needs, you have hired a company with professional sign, electrical, and vinyl graphics companies as well. No more subcontracting or searching for multiple companies. Rose City Inc. even has it's own BBQ sauce company. There are not too many businesses that can sell you all of your branding needs and a case of their very own BBQ sauce.



Sign Company

Rose City Sign Company was established in 2005. It was born out of a customer suggestion. “Since you are on site doing everything else- can’t you do the sign work also?” When our customers speak, we listen.

Sign Selection    

Vinyl Company

Rose City Graphics Creative was established in 2007 to provide full spectrum service for our canopy company. We are a fully equipped vinyl shop, design studio and decaling bay.

Vinyl Services

Rose City BBQ

This company had its official start in January of 2002; however, Steve has been making the BBQ Sauce for family hog roasts and friends for over 30 years.

BBQ Sauce

Electric Company

Rose City Electric was established in 2003 to provide electricians for the canopies sold and built by the canopy company. It also fills the needs of the signs designed and installed by the sign company.

Electric Signs