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Sinclair New Build Site in Frazee, MN

The owner of the Sinclair site in Frazee, MN wanted to tear down his current building and existing canopy 24’ x 40’ and put up a new building along with a larger canopy at 24’ x 102’. 

We were contracted in early July of 2014 to install the new Sinclair canopy along with a new price sign and channel letters on the building. Once, we obtained approval for the building permit, all of the material was ordered. We then needed to wait until the existing building and canopy were torn down and that the site was ready for us to come in and build the new canopy from the ground up. 

What we thought would be a short turn around process turned out to take longer for both the owner of the site and ourselves. We finally started in early December then found out that with the additional length of the canopy the major power lines were very close to where we were installing the canopy.  We had to have the power company come out and oversee to make sure our crew was safe to continue building the canopy.

The site might have taken longer than expected to complete, but it still turned out to be a very sharp looking Sinclair site. 

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Sinclair in Frazee 1 Sinclair in Frazee 2